Our Vision

Due to increasing demands for clean drinking water and serious environmental concerns with diverting and exporting water from its native watershed, water-resource managers and suppliers are increasingly focused on optimizing the use of local water resources in a sustainable fashion. To this end, we must monitor the Earth’s hydrology, record these data over time, analyze trends in the data, use these data to model and predict the future, and use this knowledge to adapt our use and management of water resources.

This is our vision at Wildermuth Synergies, LLC. We are scientists and engineers that think deeply about water resources management, and we actively participate in finding solutions to complex water resources problems. In this spirit, we created HydroDaVE, a web-enabled platform.

HydroDaVE = Hydrologic Database and Visual Explanations

This web-enabled service allows users to upload hydrologic data to a database and view these data using sophisticated data-analysis tools. It is through this process that we can reveal trends and identify the cause-and-effect relationships that will guide us to adaptively manage the Earth’s precious hydrologic resources.

We offer HydroDaVE for free (for small data sets), and we hope this service is used by everyone—from elementary school students exploring their local environment, to research scientists studying global phenomena, to the public agencies that provide water and wastewater services.

To try HydroDaVE, please fill out the "Try HydroDaVE" form. We welcome all feedback, questions, and suggestions for the improvement of HydroDaVE.